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Kemora from Big Bank

What We Provide

Self-esteem Building

We make it a priority to make sure each one of our dancers has a high level of confidence. To achieve this, we work weekly through self-esteem building activities, journal writing and daily affirmations.


Each dancer receives mentorship from the coaches as well as their peers. This mentor offers support within the dance company and daily life. Through these bonds our dancers have built lasting friendships and guidance with those from similar backgrounds.

Career Pipeline

Our company creates networking opportunities for our dancers to break into the entertainment industry and train under notable choreographers​.


We train our dancers in multiple styles. This includes hip-hop, jazz funk, lyrical, and afro-beats. We also provide our dancers with stage training. They will learn how to perform, entertain and have proper dance etiquette.


Our lessons focus on the different elements of performance, the history of dance, provide a better understanding of body control and teach our students how to connect with others through artistic expression.


The Dugout provides a safe space for dancers to be themselves. We host team bonding events, lock-ins and company trips for everyone to have a good time and bond with their team. 


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